FloraPulse technology featured in “Retaking the Field – science breakthroughs for thriving farms and a healthier nation.”

FloraPulse’s sensor breakthrough was featured in a report by the Supporters of Agricultural Research (SoAR) foundation. See page 32 in their report. From the article: ” Thirsty plants have stunted growth, lower disease resistance, and produceless fruit and grain. At the same time, overwatering can reduce thequality and even kill crops. The trick is fnding a “Goldilocks Spot” wherethe water […]

As in plants the basic difference in measurements is between soil water content and water potential. Again, they are generally correlated but the relationship is unique with every soil. Unfortunately, the relationship is not linear and has some rather sharp changes when the water potential the plant senses can change rapidly with only small changes in water content. Example of […]