The FloraPulse system provides you with realtime data on the best indicator of plant water status, stem water potential, directly on your phone or computer. Each system is installed into a representative plant by making a small incision and sealing the microtensiometer sensor against the plant water tissue. The sensor measures plant water status continuously for the whole growing season, and uses the attached datalogger to send the information over cellular to our online database. You get access to the water data, along with recommendations based on published research.

Our product is sold as a subscription service at $1500/year. We will work with you to install the sensors in your field: if you are within driving distance from our HQ in Davis, we can drive out to your field to install the system, otherwise we can mail you the system along with an instructional video for self-installation. Our systems are easy to install and we have had multiple customers successfully install the systems themselves.

To ensure our systems work accurately and reliably, customer installations must meet the following criteria. Please let us know if you have any questions.

  • In a tested crop: almond, prunes, grape, apple, cherry. We can work with you on new crops, but it should be discussed first.
  • Installation in a branch or trunk of diameter 2” or greater.
  • No diseases, in particular trunk diseases.
  • After bud-break (grape)
  • Must have cellphone signal (any carrier)
  • Must be located in North, Central or South America

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