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April 2023 Updates

Happy Spring from our mascot!

Flora Pulse in the news

FloraPulse was recently featured in Good Fruit Grower! "Blanco and Kalcsits found that the FloraPulse sensors offered highly accurate and precise measurements, comparable to the pressure bomb. The data can be used to guide deficit irrigation programs, such as those to reduce vigor, fruit size and bitter pit in Honeycrisp." More FloraPulse news here.

Pressure Switch now included

An irrigation line pressure switch is now included with new FloraPulse subscriptions! Easily track and verify when your irrigation line is on or off. You can view the data on your FloraPulse dashboard.

New small(er) sensor

New FloraPulse smaller sensor for tiny crops underdevelopment! See pictures and description in our blog post.

Help us test new crops!

We are looking to test FloraPulse in new crops. Contact us if you want to help test FloraPulse in any of these crops. Ideally you are somewhere nearby in the Sacramento region, but we can work in farther locations too. Contact us: or 530-220-7668.


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