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FloraPulse: Innovation Award, Water Potential For Irrigation

Lots going on at FloraPulse! I am writing this from a hotel in Valparaiso, Chile after a recent visit to OLIVOS riego, our Chilean distributor. Some good news below.

FloraPulse Innovation Award Winner!

FloraPulse recently won a Sacramento Region Innovation Award! It’s been 10+ years of effort and we are so glad to be recognized for our accomplishments. Read more here.

Infographic: understanding tree water potential

Wondering what exactly is water potential, why it matters for irrigation and how to use the information? We have two new infographics. The first explains water potential using a blood pressure analogy. The second explains the water potential baseline and how to use it for irrigation. Feel free to share.

A more technical and detailed explanation of baseline is available here.

We have inventory!

We have inventory for new orders and are building up many sensors for the 2023 season. Let us know if you’d like to try FloraPulse and we will save your spot for next year. Growers and scientists welcome :) Request a quote now!


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