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FloraPulse is Global!

Although FloraPulse is based in the small town of Davis, CA, a fair share of our unique sensors find their way all over the world! This year we shipped hundreds of probes and dataloggers vast distances to help growers and researchers get real time water potential data. Our cosmopolitan sensor is an essential tool that is literally changing the way the world views irrigation.

In late 2021 we sold to just 12 countries globally; however, in just under a year and half we have almost doubled the countries we ship to. We have been able to accomplish this by selling directly to customers and building up a strong distribution network.

FloraPulse has a long history of selling internationally, as our first sale was in Chile! We have since grown to sell on every continent, except Antarctica, famously known for its thriving orchards 😉. Notable places we ship to are Italy, South Africa, Japan, and New Zealand. We will continue widening our international reach in the coming years!


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