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FloraPulse sensors in Chile! Prune, cherry and grape.

For the curious, here is data from FloraPulse sensors installed with our partner OLIVOS riego in prune, cherry and grape. The sensors were installed in Chile and have been running splendidly for 2-3 months now, and compare favorably with the pressure chamber. Plots below show the midday stem water potential (midday SWP, black lines) data from FloraPulse, as compared with the pressure chamber (stars). The colored columns represent the crop water status (green is well-watered). The 24/7 data shows continuous readings of the stem water potential (SWP) over the same period.

Now to let the data speak for itself!


Midday Stem water potential in Prune

24/7 Stem water potential in Prune

The plot below shows two sensors installed in the same prune tree. The agreement between them is phenomenal, which indicates the readings are very accurate. You can't get agreement this good with the pressure chamber due to user error.


Midday Stem water potential in cherry

24/7 Stem water potential in cherry


Midday stem water potential in grape

24/7 stem water potential in grape

Many thanks to OLIVOS riego for permission to share this data.

Would you like to get the same data for your field? To eliminate the hassle of pressure bombing and know your field status anytime? Contact us.


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