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FloraPulse used by top universities worldwide!

Check out what’s been happening over at FloraPulse.

Featured in MyAgLife podcast

Hear MyAgLife managing editor Taylor Chalstrom and FloraPulse CEO Michael Santiago talk on how microtensiometers help growers save water, increase yields and enhance crop health.

How to install small FloraPulse sensors into small crops and thick-bark trees.

Our recently introduced sensor for small crops now has instructional videos. Take a look and learn how to install sensors into small crops and massive forest trees with thick bark. FloraPulse now applicable to crops with diameters from 0.5” to 500” 😊.

Looking for testers nearby: cotton, kiwi, pomegranate, pine

Are you anywhere near Davis CA and want to test FloraPulse in these crops? Contact us. The kiwi has been especially hard to catch 😉.

Sensors in use by: Stanford, Harvard, Virginia Tech, University of Bordeaux, CSU Fresno, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab, etc.

We can’t name names, but FloraPulse is now being used in some of the best-known universities worldwide! To my mom – maybe I didn’t get into Harvard but my sensors eventually got in 😂.

Featured distributor: Pressure Bomb Express

Meet Ryan Kaplan from Pressure Bomb Express (PBE)! Ryan is both a farmer and technologist – he manages orchards, and also developed PBE – an app “designed for farmers by farmers”. The PBE app helps growers visualize water potential data (pressure bomb OR FloraPulse!) and guides irrigation decisions throughout the season. PBE is based in Chico, CA and specializes in almond, prune, walnut and pistachio. Ryan has been distributing FloraPulse since 2021 with excellent results and a growing customer base. He has over 10 years’ experience pressure bombing and 200+ successful FloraPulse installations. Ryan is a husband and father, and likes to spend time doing anything outdoors. Contact him 530-518-1322 to get FloraPulse if you’re anywhere in California north of Modesto.


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