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July 2021 Update

Hundreds of units sold in the USA and internationally This year FloraPulse sold hundreds of units to growers and scientists in the USA and internationally (Spain, Italy, Germany, Italy, France, Portugal, Australia, Canada); we are literally getting data across the world.

Two thumbs up from scientist! Professor Kenneth Shackel from University of California Davis gave our technology a big thumbs up:

"The microtensiometers are definitely working very well this year, we are getting daily bomb values. The overall regressions are getting close to 1:1, which is great"

National Science Foundation trial started We began a comprehensive trial of the technology, in collaboration with California Almond Packers and Exporters (CAPEX), Cornell University and UC Davis. The data will be used to build digital models and augment our hardware measurements.

Help us spread the word! FloraPulse sensors accurately measure tree water status and can help growers increase crop yields, crop quality, plant health and water savings. We can help growers get through the ongoing massive drought in California. Help us spread the word! Tell your friends and share our introductory video.


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