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October Updates

FloraPulse is reaching the globe: 12 countries and counting!

Things have been moving at warp-speed! We continue making sales around the globe and customer feedback on our water potential sensors has been excellent. Here’s a bit more good news:

New user interface

We are rolling out a new user interface. Our software uses online weather data to calculate baseline, combines it with real-time water potential, and provides the most accurate, advanced recommendations for irrigation. And they are dead easy: just follow the ‘irrigate’ or ‘wait’ instructions.

The new hardware includes an irrigation switch to record and show you irrigation events and timing. We’re developing algorithms, based on how the tree responds to irrigation events, to provide guidance on how much to irrigate. FloraPulse: your one-stop shop for irrigation!

FloraPulse at ASHS!

FloraPulse was a featured speaker at the American Society for Horticultural Science back in August. We presented hard-hitting data, taken by our customers, that shows the excellent agreement between FloraPulse and the Pressure Chamber in almond, prune and cherry. Take a look at the slides here.


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