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Sensor Reuse For Scientists

New reusable sensor design with metal tail for easier removal

One of the biggest questions our customers have is whether microtensiometer sensors are reusable. Probes installations are generally permanent due to their delicate nature and the increased possibility of breakage during the removal process. However, in certain circumstances it is useful to remove the probe.

There are 3 main reasons for removing/reinstalling a sensor. The following are all things that may help improve longevity and accuracy when using FloraPulse as a scientist. If you're a subscription service user, please contact us for replacements! Free replacements are provided once a year as part of the service.

Poor installation performance. If you are experiencing difficulties in obtaining values within an expected range (either too high or too low) or overall erratic values, you can try removing the sensor. It can be removed and stored safely, tested for accuracy and precision, and reinstalled into a new site.

Moving the sensor to a fresh installation site for a new season. In some crops, such as almond, the probes become less responsive during the second season due to the tree’s wounding response during the winter. For accurate readings the sensor can be moved to a new site at the beginning of each season.

Storage during a cold winter. Our sensors are only able to tolerate temperatures above 0C (32F), so if the temperatures at the install site regularly go below freezing the sensor is more than likely to break due to the water in the probe freezing. Customers in regions with cold winters should remove the sensors before winter begins and reinstall in spring after the last frost of the season.

For more information about how to remove and reinstall the sensors please refer to our manual and accompanying YouTube video. These provide step by step instructions on how to safely remove, store, and reinstall the probes


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