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Two years of 24/7 water potential - Napa Valley Cabernet

FloraPulse sensors have been installed for almost two years in a high-end vineyard in Napa Valley. They still show great, accurate stem water potential readings. This is the longest continuous water potential dataset ever recorded. You might be tasting this wine in a couple of years!

First irrigation block

24/7 water potential data

This graph shows 24/7 water potential data gathered from two sensors installed in the same grapevine. It shows the daily variation in water status over two seasons. The first season the vines were relatively well watered, but the water stress increased during the second season. Sensor readouts also show the dormancy period from November - April.

Midday water potential data

This graph shows midday water potential - the highest water stress experienced by the vines during the course of each day. The midday water potential greatly influences the vine productivity and the final characteristics of the wine; that is why this information is known as the gold standard in managing irrigation. Simply put - it's difficult to consistently make great wine without adequate control of your vine's water status.

Predawn water potential data

This graph shows the predawn stem water potential - the most hydrated status for the vine during each day, which happens right before dawn (hence 'predawn'). This information gives a good picture of the overall soil water status and can be used to manage irrigation as well.

Same vineyard, different irrigation block

We present data from another irrigation block in the same vineyard. These grapes were irrigated differently, but the overall behavior over the course of the season is similar. The grapes show maximum stress close to harvest, and go into dormancy from November to April.

24/7 Water potential

Midday water potential

Predawn water potential

If you would like to get this kind of data for your research or field in grape, almond, pistachios, olives, apple, citrus, etc. Contact us. How would you use this data?


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