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Customer testimonials
Michael Vasey
Lindauer River Ranch
Red Bluff, California

"We were extremely happy with the FloraPulse system we tested in our prune orchard this year. We found that the FloraPulse readings correlated very well with our pressure bomb readings. Throughout the season, we found that we could trust the FloraPulse system and eliminate the need for the time intensive pressure bomb measurements. One benefit that I hadn't considered is the real-time nature of FloraPulse. Not only could we see the stress at one point in the day, but we could see the whole cycle of stress the tree experienced throughout the day, every day.

I hope to expand our use of FloraPulse to other orchards to get better, more real-time data on tree stress and to reduce the labor required for our old method of pressure bomb readings."

Andres Olivos
Olivos Riego
Rengo, Chile

"The data we received from the FloraPulse sensors in prune fits the pressure chamber measurements and has proven very useful. Having daily water potential measurements has allowed us to decrease water use by 45%, to save on water pumping costs, drying costs and increase our fruit size and dry weight yields." 

Rod Chamberlain
Wong Farms
Mecca, California 

"I am very happy with the FloraPulse unit. I grow a rare mango crop, in a desert environment with extremely high summer temperatures, in alluvium soil that has very limited water holding capacity. I had been using soil moisture measurement units but was always nervous that the soil moisture information isn’t completely indicative of the requirements of the mango trees, particularly when we get in the 115 to 120 °F temperature range. We had four separate high temperature incidences this last summer that lasted 3 to 5 days each and using the FloraPulse information I modified the irrigation frequency, run time, or added an extra irrigation cycle to meet the needs of the trees.


I am currently tracking about an additional 10% annual water use reduction which I attribute to the use of the FloraPulse unit."

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