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Never guess. Know exactly when to irrigate with FloraPulse

To get the best wines, water timing and quantity is critical. Vine water status strongly affects wine quality--you want to keep the vines water-stressed just right to elicit the desired aromas and body, without shutting down photosynthesis or decreasing yield. FloraPulse gives you direct, continuous measurement of vine water potential, every-single-day. With this information, you can fine-tune your irrigation and easily keep your vines at the ideal water-stress to get high quality grapes, consistently every year. Never guess again! Never again irrigate too early or too late.

FloraPulse will help you:

  • Keep vines at optimal water status to get the best grape quality, every year.
  • Don’t guess – know exactly when to irrigate.
  • Save labor and hassle by eliminating pressure chamber measurements.
  • Get vine water status, anytime on your phone.
  • Decrease the risk of crop loss & damage due to heat events
  • Save 15 –40% water

How it works

The FloraPulse system involves a microchip tensiometer that is embedded inside the vine woody tissue and directly measures the water status, known as water potential. Because the measurement is taken directly inside the water-carrying tissue, readings are very accurate and reliable. No other product on the market can provide real-time, 24/7 accurate water potential measurement.

All-inclusive subscription: hassle-free irrigation advice

A yearly fee covers everything needed to get realtime stem water potential data: probes, cellular-powered dataloggers, cellular data, visualization, warranty and probe replacements. This is the easiest way to try FloraPulse—get a box in the mail, install it and see the data in 30 minutes. And if something breaks –we’ll fix it.

Why FloraPulse is way better than other methods

Pressure chamber
Researchers recommend pressure chamber readings to determine irrigation, but you may skip this because the logistics of this instrument are painful. It's no fun going to the field, middle of the day, to take measurements during the hottest time, then tabulating and interpreting them.You would love to get direct water potential data every day, but it’s just too difficult and expensive with the pressure chamber.
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Weekly Reports

Receive weekly reports on your vine’s water-stress history, color-coded by stress level. Use clear, detailed data to adjust your irrigation and get that perfect vintage, that perfect yield. Every year
Soil moisture
Soil moisture sensors only tell you half the story by only measuring the water content in a small volume of soil. You are making critical decisions based off incomplete data. The soil may appear wet when the tree is thirsty, or the soil may appear dry when the tree is waterlogged. You need to ask the tree directly.
Evapotranspiration (ET) tells you how much water the vines have used, approximately, based on assumptions of leaf cover and measurements taken on a grass field. Even with accurate ET data, common unknowns can completely throw off your results: underground water sources, accumulated water from winter precipitation, incorrect assumptions in your crop coefficient. Unfortunately, guidelines for ET were developed 40 years ago with completely different irrigation systems and methods. ET, although a useful measure, cannot tell you when to irrigate.
The FloraPulse microtensiometer gives you direct measurements of tree water potential, every-single-day. Easily keep your trees at the recommended water-stress level and tune your irrigation to get the highest yields, consistently year-after-year. Never again guess about your irrigation.FloraPulse is an investment that will pay for itself many times over.

Scientist approved

“Other companies use different approaches to monitor plant waterstress, but FloraPulse technology gives the most accurate picture”

- Professor Ken Shackel, irrigation expert, UC Davis

Professor Ken Shackel, UC Davis

Our system has been used in the best fields in Napa Valley, to make some of the best wines.

Napa Valley Cabernet –Midday Stem Water Potential

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