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May Updates from FloraPulse

Lots of exciting news from our team this month. We continue shrinking the sensor for smaller crops and are now in 23 countries. See our new dashboard video for a quick introduction to FloraPulse data and how to best use it.

New Flat Probe

Just when you thought our probe couldn’t get any smaller, it did! We’re working on a new design of a ‘flat’ probe, which is significantly smaller than the design introduced last month. This probe may be useful for small herbaceous stems and general water potential measurements in small spaces. We’re not really sure where to use this yet – so let us know your thoughts! Do you have need for such a small probe in your research?

FloraPulse in 23 countries

We are now in 23 countries and counting! Read more on our blog. Cover the world in blue 😊 Fun fact: our first sale ever was to Chile!

Small Grape Installs

We continue to develop and test the small microtensiometer probe for use in grapevines. Lots of vineyards have expressed interest! Here’s our latest FloraPulse install into a 0.5” thin Cabernet grapevine. Work continues, but we are making progress.

FloraPulse featured in Cornell research

FloraPulse was recently featured in a paper from Cornell focusing on irrigation thresholds for Gala apples! The study found that irrigation has a significant impact on crop value and that our sensors are a good tool for the job. Read more here.

Dashboard intro video

Watch this quick introduction video to learn how to best use the FloraPulse dashboard to manage your irrigation.


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