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Retire the pressure chamber, know exactly when to irrigate, increase crop yield and quality.

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Installed in the field

How it works

The FloraPulse system is a microchip tensiometer (microtensiometer) that is embedded into the tree woody tissue and directly measures the water status, known as water potential. Because the measurement is taken directly inside the water-carrying tissue, readings are very accurate and reliable. You receive daily midday stem water potential readings, along with science-backed irrigation recommendations.

Home: About Us
Home: About Us
30 day report from FloraPulse web app

Weekly reports

Receive weekly reports on your crop's water-stress history, color-coded by stress level. Use clear, detailed data to adjust your irrigation and get that perfect vintage, that perfect yield. Every year.

FloraPulse vs Pressure bomb

Scientific validation

The sensor data has been validated against the Scholander chamber with good correlation in prune, almond, winegrape (and others).

Home: About Us
FloraPulse Supported by USDA!

Technology backers

Our technology has been funded by the NSF and USDA, and was originally developed at Cornell University.

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FloraPulse systems sold in 3 packages:

  • Hands off annual subscription: yearly fee covers complete sensor system, logger, data and visualization.

  • SDI-12 probe: easy addition into existing datalogger and telemetry system.

  • Voltage in/out probe: for scientists who want access to the raw data.

Request a quote or contact us to discuss your application.

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