• Hassle-free water potential

    Retire the pressure chamber, know exactly when and how much to irrigate, increase crop yield and quality.

Precision agriculture based on precise information

Developed by researchers from Cornell University with over 40 years experience, our patented microsensors accurately measure water potential in your vineyard or orchard. Get ready to know exactly what your field is feeling, at any time, along with science-based recommendations for your specific crop and goals. It's like paying everyday for a consultant to take pressure bomb readings and a plant scientist to analyze the data. We do it for you. Irrigation management has never been this easy... or accurate.

Higher yields

Better control to keep crop at ideal water-stress level, all year long.

Better quality

Ideal conditions lead to better quality crop. Why gamble?

Year-to-year consistency

Know exactly what you did this year so you can replicate it, improve it, next year.

Plant health

Too much or too little water weakens your field. Get it right.

Water efficiency

Use exact amount of water needed, and no more.

Decrease risk and losses

Improve control, know when problems happen. Fix them quickly.

Michael Santiago

A Mechanical Engineering PhD, Michael spent the last 4.5 years developing the FloraPulse sensor and connecting with our customers.

Alan Lakso

Agricultural advisor with 40 years expertise in plant physiology and working with growers.

Abraham Stroock

Technical advisor. World-class expert in microfluidics, developed technology to manipulate water the way plants do.

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