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FloraPulse in the News

Firms offer higher efficiency in face of declining, expensive resources
The Business Journal - Frank Lopez
April 2024

Microtensiometers help growers save water, increase yields and enhance crop health
MyAgLife - Taylor Chalstrom
March 2024

Water management taken up a notch. Psyched.
Soil Doctor
February 2024

FloraPulse Introduces a Real-Time Water Monitoring System That Reduces Water Stress, Labor Costs, and Risk
February 2024

Irrigation Tech: A look at what’s new for nut growers

Keith Loria
December 2023

How technology is securing our food and water supplies for future generations [19:30]
CNN - Bold Pursuits
November 2023

Recurring Benefits of Spatial Agriculture and Digital Biology [pdf]
Wine Business Monthly
September 2023

What it’s like to have real time plant stress

Advanced Viticulture Blog
August 16, 2023

Innovations for Scheduling Irrigation with Mark Greenspan
Vineyard Underground Podcast
July 25, 2023

Drilling Down on Water Stress Sensors
Kate Prengaman, TJ Mullinax
April 13, 2023

Automated Plant Stress Monitoring Systems Combine New Technology with Proven Methods
Trade Show Guide
January 13, 2023

FloraPulse Chosen as Sustainability Innovation of the Year
Gary Simon
November 28, 2022 

Integrated Vineyard Monitoring and Winegrowing Advising
Trade Show Guide
November 11, 2022

Sacramento Region Innovation Awards: FloraPulse
Emily Hamann
November 3, 2022

New Sensors Could Be a 'Game Changer', Says Hydrology and Irrigation Professor
Ching Lee
October 6, 2022

FloraPulse Awarded $175,000 SBIR Grant to Helps Growers Optimize Water Use
Bridget Hagen
May 17, 2022

Precision Irrigation for Permanent Crops
Tim Hammerich
April 18, 2022

Sensing Technology Advances to Improve Irrigation Management
Cecilia Parsons
January 27, 2022

FloraPulse System Measures Water Potential of Trees, Vines
Stephen Kloosterman
November 5, 2021

FloraPulse microchip sensors used to irrigate mangoes in Southern California at Wong Farms
Megan Crivelli
August 27, 2021

Water Conservation Thrives on Technology and Innovation
Tom Burfield
December 29, 2020

The Machines that get Walnuts from Trees to your Mouth
Hal Crain
December 18, 2020

Start Up of the Month: FloraPulse
Russell Nichols
September 3, 2020

New Tools to Monitor Grapevine Water Status
Ted Rieger
July 2020

Water Stress Sensor Technologies Offer More Accurate Assessments for When Growers Should Irrigate, and How Much
Kate Prengaman 
April 9, 2020

Real-Time Water Data Delivers Big Opportunity for Fruit and Nut Growers
Christina Herrick
July 16, 2019

A New Measurement Tool for Vineyard Irrigation Management
Ted Rieger
July 3, 2019

Water Sensor Moves From Basic Research to Promising Business
Krishna Ramanujan
February 6, 2017

FloraPulse microchip sensors used to irrigate mangoes in Southern California at Wong Farms

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