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FloraPulse for Forestry?

Researchers are taking the initiative to bring 24/7 water potential to forestry research worldwide

Over the last decade, the FloraPulse microtensiometer has been developed as a tool for precision irrigation management in agriculture, but agriculture is not the only sector in which global water shortages have posed new challenges.

Here in California, reoccurring drought years have left forested landscapes vulnerable to wildfires and pests, and these issues are expected to become increasingly worse as climate change accelerates ecosystem shifts. Across the globe, the water demands of forested ecosystems are a huge area of interest for hydraulic management.

As an agricultural instrument, concerns of species compatibility and install adaptability need to be addressed before the microtensiometer can fully enter the forestry space. Luckily, we have great partners and clients around the world who are willing to put it to the test!

Initial installation into conifer species such as Douglas fir and Norway spruce have been promising! Here’s to continuing down new research avenues made available by 24/7 water potential.


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