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FloraPulse Funded For Small Sensors, Research Updates, Inventory Ready

Great news from our team! We have a new sensor for small crops, new research papers published by University scientists and now have inventory ready for shipping.

USDA funded to test smaller sensors

FloraPulse has received USDA funding to test and develop our new even smaller sensors! These will be used in small crops such as blueberry, cotton and small grapevines. With this development, we can now measure water potential in pretty much any crop! Testing and pictures below.

Thanks to David Bryla from the USDA for his beautiful installation and pictures in blueberry. We’re thrilled to be working with you :)

Recent research papers

A couple of papers so you can read what the scientists are saying about our technology:

We have inventory!

This summer was hectic - we received many more orders than expected and it took us a couple of months to get caught up. We finally have inventory ready for new orders.


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