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FloraPulse In The News!

FloraPulse mentioned in the news yet again, and nominated for the Sacramento Region Innovation Awards. We have a new installation video for thick-bark trees and our citrus trials are looking great.

In the news: FloraPulse a ‘game changer’

FloraPulse was recently featured in a news article at AgAlert. Experts from the University of California gave the technology a big thumbs up as a game changer. We are more accurate that anything else out there. And customers said “It’s going to be the future” and “I find enough value in it that I feel it’s worth paying for”. Check it out!

Validated in citrus

Our excellent in-house plant scientist Maryrose has installed FloraPulse in multiple citrus trees and the results speak for themselves! If you have citrus trees - instrument them with FloraPulse to track their water status. Data coming soon.

New video: installation in thick-bark trees

For the forestry-inspired scientists - our new video shows how to install FloraPulse in those older trees with thick bark. Now we just need to get an employee who can climb trees *wink*. LINK.

The FloraPulse team at our headquarters where the magic happens.

We have inventory!

We have inventory for new orders and are building up many sensors for the 2023 season. Let us know if you’d like to try FloraPulse and we will save your spot for next year. Growers and scientists welcome :) Request a quote now!


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