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Join FloraPulse Live!

Join Our Zoom

We will be hosting a live zoom session on October 10th at 8:00 AM PDT. The meeting will start with a brief recap of our latest research and results: testing in forest trees, new crops, new smaller sensors and soil sensors. Then a Q&A to discuss and answer your questions.

24/7 Water Potential for Vineyards

Advanced Viticulture’s blog takes a close look at how real-time SWP measurements are a

game changer for plant stress in grapevines. Loni Lyttle shares their experience and unexpected insights gained using FloraPulse for vineyard management.

Vineyard Underground Podcast

Mark Greenspan from Advanced Viticulture joins

the podcast to discuss innovations in irrigation scheduling. We’re pleased to be included in this in-depth conversation on new technologies in wine production.

Into the Woods

Scientists and researchers around the globe are using FloraPulse microtensiometers to observe stem water potential in forest trees. And they’ve been tweeting some great pics. See more in our blog.


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